Bf 109T with odd pipe appendage


The following photos were sent to me by a friend in Texas whose father "liberated" them during his stint as a P-47 pilot during WWII.  He has no more information to offer outside of the obvious fact that it's a modified Bf 109T with what appears to be a drainpipe mounted beneath the aircraft.  Would anyone out there have any more on this particular aircraft?

Incidentally, the last four shots are of the aircraft after either falling into a flat spin with a dead engine, or lunching the engine during takeoff or landing...note the prop blades are not "wrapped" as they would be if they impacted the ground when still turning.  Plus, the wreckage is fairly localized, and the rear portion of the canopy hood lies right near the wreck, indicating the pilot was likely still on board at the time of impact.

It was theorized for a while that this may have been set up to assist with deicing trials of the Ju 86P high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft; however, if the intention was to spray water on another aircraft and have it turn to ice, it stands to reason that the water would freeze in the carrier aircraft as it would be flying at the same altitude.

So, we STILL don't know what this was for...

e.drainpipe.side.jpg (51141 bytes)        drainpipe.mounting.closeup.jpg (69011 bytes)


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