The Emils of

Kjetil Aakra

Kjetil is very active in researching the operations of JG5 in Norway, and continues to churn out beautiful profiles of unusual and attractive 109s from the Northern theatre... below is a selection of Emils which should certainly get the creative juices flowing for modelers!


Bf 109E-7 "Gelbe 7" of I/JG77 as flown by Horst Carganico in September 1941... note the unusual natural metal replacement spinner.  This has been documented in photographs.  Other features are the 27 kills on the rudder (as of 25 Sept 41) and his personal terrier emblem.  Incidentally, Carganico favored the earlier canopy so much that he carried it over to his new F when it was assigned to him... so this is a perfect example of why you can't always tell the variant of Emil by the canopy!
Bf 109E-3 "rote 19" of 5./JG5
Bf 109E-4 "weiße 14" of Fw. Artur Beth, 4./JG5, early 1942
Bf 109E-4b with an unusual inscription on the side... "Mensura Wambu".
Bf 109E-7 of the III./JG5 Gruppenkommandeur, Günther Scholz as it appeared in 1942... note the spiral on the capped spinner.

Bf 109E-7 from Stab./JG5, as flown by Leopold Knier in 1942.  
Bf 109E-7 "weiße 2" of 4./JG5 with an attractive and unusual personal bear marking on the cowling