109 Videos

The short video clips offered below are all saved in a .mov format, which is compatible with both Windows Media Player and Quicktime; should anyone encounter any difficulty in downloading and playing these files, contact me with your system specifics and I'll see what I can do to assist.

Much of the film in this all-color 59 second clip comes from original color home movies shot by Werner Pichon-Kalau vom Hofe, the T.O. of JG54.


This is an all-Emil feature... and yes, that is EXACTLY who it appears to be in the video capture above.  That's Adolf Galland's famous W.Nr. 5819 in flight.


There isn't too much 109 content in this Nachtjagd film, but as seen above what is there is fascinating... 109Ds of 10.(N)/JG26 at Jever!


Another operational clip with several different types; this features footage of RVT bomber defense missions and other freie Jagd ops.


These last two clips star the Gustav, and the one above features sound!  There are several shots of Gustavs in plain Stkz. in this clip.


Both of the clips show Gustavs taking off; the one above has some interesting I./JG27 footage as well.  (That's a G-6/R6 above, by the way)