The Profile Artwork of

Kjetil Aakra

Hailing from Norway, Kjetil has developed something of a fascination with the Bf 109T family, and brings us the following gorgeous profiles... I think you'll agree that this is splendid work, and certainly gives the modeler building an MPM or Hasegawa "Toni" a few interesting choices!


Bf 109T W.Nr. 7743, RB+OP
Bf 109T "schwarze 6" of 11./JG11, Lista, Norway
Bf 109T "weiße 8" of Jagdgruppe Drontheim
Bf 109T "grüne 9" of Erich Hondt, Jagdstaffel Helgoland
Bf 109T "weiße 10" of Jagdgruppe Drontheim

Bf 109T "schwarze 11" of 11./JG11
Bf 109T with unusual test apparatus

(click link above to see photos of this unusual appendage... perhaps a deicing test aircraft?)